Dessert Assembly Station

This post contains everything you ever wanted to know about the "Dessert Assembly Station" I planned for my daughter's school.

If you are in the “What did I get myself in to?! I AM FREAKING OUT!” stage and are looking for step-by-step instructions on how to coordinate a breakfast for your school, don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. Our post, "How To Plan a Dessert Bar for your School," will walk you through the entire process. Be sure to download our free planning guide too!

Dessert Assembly Station - Lego Themed teacher appreciation dessert ideas and printables 

The Desserts

WOW, right?! All of the schools my girls have attended have/had very health conscious teachers and staff, this year is no exception. This year I built a dessert table with delicious boutique (mostly) bite-sized treats from some of my favorite Etsy shops: Holiday Confections (Rice Krispy pops), Magnify Cookies – closed (LEGO cookies), and Candy Confections (Chocolate LEGO blocks – cupcake toppers and “Thank You!” treat bags). I also added regular sized and mini chocolate bars because…chocolate! I have a crush on the “Piece of Resistance” candy bar wrappers.

Even with bite-sized treats there are always leftovers. I used gable boxes (pictured at the top of the post) as adorable to-go containers (which doubled as a “Thank You” gift) but you could always use color coordinated gift bags as an easy alternative.

I included chocolate LEGO blocks with a “Thank you” tag, inside each gable boxes (placed inside ahead of time). You can pre-fill your gable boxes with something special, or place them in nice rows next to the Dessert Assembly Station. The teachers and staff can have a treat, then put any other goodies they would like in their gable boxes to share or enjoy another day.


Other Dessert Options

Dessert Bars are SO MUCH fun to build, and so flexible! If you want to be a bit more specific we also have some fun build-your-own assembly station options!

Cupcake Assembly Station
Party Squares/Cupcake Toppers
Sundae Assembly Station
(Blue) Drink Station

It's Your Turn!

Our "Dessert Assembly Station" printables are available for purchase here

Even More Awesomeness!

This is just one event from the LEGO-Inspired Appreciation Week we planned for the Master Builders at our school. You can read about the other days and activities below. AWESOME!

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