Superhero Themed Popcorn Bar

This post contains everything you ever wanted to know about the POP! superhero-themed popcorn bar I planned for my daughter's school.

If you are in the "What did I get myself in to?! I AM FREAKING OUT!" stage and are looking for step-by-step instructions on how to coordinate a snack bar for your school, don't worry. I've got you covered. Our post, "How To Plan a Snack Bar for your School," will walk you through the entire process. Be sure to download our free planning guide too!

Superhero Themed Popcorn Bar with printable signs and labels 

The Popcorn

We had eight different varieties of gourmet popcorn for the staff to enjoy throughout the day. After listening to feedback from last year’s gourmet popcorn bar, we made half of the flavors sweet, and the other savory. If you have never made gourmet popcorn, don’t be intimidated! You can find all sorts of fabulous popcorn recipes on my Simply Pop! Pinterest board.



I used SignUp Genius to coordinate with other members of the Hospitality Committee. I asked that they please drop their popcorn off at my house the night before so that I would have time to fill the glass jars and make them look pretty. After cutting out the labels, I adhered them to the glass jars using Glue Dots.

I used cups instead of bowls for the popcorn. Given the variety of flavors, I thought they would be, shall we say… uncomplimentary, if mixed together.

To jazz up the paper cups I added "POP!" stickers. I had the "POP!" circles printed on full sheets sticker paper and they were a breeze to put on. You could also print them on cardstock and attach them to bags of popcorn for easy distribution.

TIP: I used my 2" circle punch to cut the stickers out quickly and easily. I like using full sheets of sticker paper instead of the pre-formatted 2" circles because the full sheets are much more versatile.


It's Your Turn!

Our Superhero Popcorn Bar printables are available for purchase here.

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