Who Feast Luncheon

This post contains everything you ever wanted to know about the Who Feast luncheon I planned for my daughter's school.

If you are in the "What did I get myself in to?! I AM FREAKING OUT!" stage and are looking for step-by-step instructions on how to coordinate a lunch for your school, don't worry. I've got you covered. Our post, "How To Plan a Lunch at your School," will walk you through the entire process. Be sure to download our free planning guide too!

"Who Feast" Dr. Seuss Inspired Lunch with Seuss-y food names, printable sign and food labels 

Seuss-y Food Names

The most difficult part of this luncheon was coming up with Seuss-y names for the food. I had multiple parents tell me that they were not signing up to bring food because coming up with a Seuss-y name was too stressful. To save YOU the stress of coming up with a feast worth of names, here is the most comprehensive list of Dr. Seuss food names you will find on the web. Trust me, I searched for hours.

  • Yot in a Pot
  • Yan in a Pan
  • Cluck Cluck Bowties
  • Skipper Zipp’s Chips
  • Who Hash
  • Oodles of Noodles and Cock a Doodles
  • Yuzz-A-Ma-Tuzz
  • Brown & Black’s Snacks
  • Prairie of Prax
  • Truffula Tree Crunch
  • Roast Beast Sandwiches
  • Truffula Fruits
  • Schlott’s Knots
  • Dr. Seuss-shi Rolls
  • Gertrude McFuzzy’s Berry Salad
  • Green Egg Pie
  • Green Eggs and Ham
  • Lentil Soup from the Hoop Soup Snoop Group
  • Assorted Greens and Other Things
  • Poodles with Noodles
  • Biggle Balls
  • Remarkable Foons Sizzling Hot Pebbles
  • Three Cheese Trees
  • Snop Gloop on a Floop
  • Hob Knobblers and Bumplings
  • Nuppers Nuggets
  • Red and Black Snack
  • River of Knobsy Cobksy Cornbread
  • A Little of This, A Little of That
  • Wild Bippo No Bungus


I used turquoise polka dot wrapping paper cut in half as table runners on the eating tables. I also used it as table runners on top of the green table clothes on the buffet tables. The green utensils were wrapped in turquoise napkins and tied with white curling ribbon. The Seuss-y food labels had a turquoise background.

It's Your Turn!

The "Who Feast" printables are available for purchase in our shop here.

We also have "Culpepper Springs" water bottle labels, which are the perfect addition to your lunch. They are available for purchase here. Do you know which Dr. Seuss book mentions Culpepper Springs?

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