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Appreciation Coloring Sheets Planning Guide

If you found this freebie, you must be getting ready to plan an appreciation event at your school that includes coloring sheets. YOU ARE AMAZING! Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to make the teachers and staff feel loved. 

This free downloadable "Appreciation Coloring Sheets: Planning Worksheets and Checklist" walks you through the entire planning process; from asking the essential questions before you begin, to remembering the night custodians, who always miss the fun appreciation events. This guide includes additional tips and tricks, and my exact SignUp Genius wording to make this process as streamlined as possible.  

In case you came directly from Pinterest to download this free planning guide, be sure to also read our "How to Coordinate Appreciation Coloring Sheets" blog post. This free supplemental guide + checklist is to help you keep everything organized during your planning process and builds on the blog post.